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43 pounds in two weeks! Try it today!

Look at this shit!

43 pounds in 2 weeks? Myspace will take money from fucking ANYBODY now that Fox owns it. If you lose weight at that rate, it WILL put stress on your heart and you WILL just fucking die. And if you don't die, you'll just gain it all back in two weeks, put stress on your heart, and THEN fucking die. And I suppose that if someone falls for an ad like this one, they were probably on their way to an undignified death anyway.

Okay okay, that's really cold, but come the fuck ON, ladies. Are we really so desperate that we'll put our health on the line like this? I think the diet industry is probably more to blame than anything; they just exploit people's insecurity by putting clearly dangerous products and diet plans out there for people hurt themselves with. They don't care about health, they just care about making a buck, and I regard the diet industry with the same distrust I give the government. They're serving their own interests! DO NOT TRUST THEM.

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