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What is Fat Acceptance?

A post that was inspired by devi42 :

I have seen cases in the Fat Acceptance Community where someone feels like they have pushed their body over it's ideal natural weight.  Typically the person in question is talking about using healthy behaviors to change this situation.  I have seen these people get pummelled by members of the Fat Acceptance Community who tell them that you can't believe in Fat Acceptance and still desire to lose weight.

I think that fat acceptance should be about loving your body - whether you are happy with the way that you are currently treating it or not.  I think that I am currently about 50lbs over where my body would prefer to be - it's not my body's fault that I am not treating it as well as I would could.  I still love and appreciate my body and think that it is amazing (not only a little bit because it continues to dance at the level it did when it was being fed good food and given adequate hydration :) If I start to treat my body better and it remains at this size or gets bigger, I will love it and accept it.  If I start to treat my body better and it releases weight, I will love and accept it.  I do refuse to mistreat my body with crash diets or surgery just to make it smaller - that, to me, is Fat Acceptance.

So, what do you think?

X-posted to relevant communities because I'm really interested in opinions.
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