stain boy (alasbabylon) wrote in riotsnotdiets,
stain boy

fat-positive internet resources?

a new friend of mine is a overall nice guy and very committed passionate activist...but, he's a skinny straight white cisgendered male, and by virtue of being raised in a culture that glorifies this stuff, he occasionally forgets to check his privilege. last time we hung out he made some comments that made me uncomfortable, particularly about skinny vegans (though he did justify his cheese consumption because he has 'a weight problem,' which i appreciated for some reason). anyway, i have a chance to call him out on this, via email (he lives a few states away), and since it's hard for me to talk about sizeism issues without getting very self-righteous and long winded, i figured links to websites would be a good idea. so please, share yr favourites, ones you wish all yr skinny friends/relatives/coworkers/etc knew and followed. thanks so much in advance!

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